Meet Our Team


Originally tasked with the important jobs of maintaining and updating Keystone's inventory of equipment, computers, and song libraries, Dave quickly transitioned into the DJ game.  With a genuine interest in each client--getting to know their personal style, and tuning into their unique tastes and sensibilities--he forged a strong understanding of planning and performing for all occasions and age groups.

21 years and hundreds of happy clients later, Dave's greatest joy continues to be DJ'ing a carefully planned event...his success being primarily from a keen ability to prepare thoroughly, read any crowd, and drop just the right beat at the ideal time.

 For weddings, and other private & corporate functions, he familiarizes himself with every small detail, well in advance of each event, and makes sure that he plays all of the client's special  requests and other favorites.

Dave also has a professional, upbeat style when delivering announcements, and will be sure to make your grand entrance or other announcements extra-special!

When not DJ'ing, Dave's friendly face can be seen managing at the North Park Lounge McCandless, where he has also been a fixture for over two decades. He also was the original GM of the North Park Clubhouse on Rte. 8, where he first became acquainted with Karaoke...and then, with Laurel's help, turned it into a household word for thousands of North Hills guests, who looked forward to singing weekly at the NPLC show there, and enjoyed it for many years.

When not working in either capacity, Dave enjoys his family and pets, or can be found experimenting with all his technology! He loves the challenge of a new gizmo to tinker around with, until it is an additional skill under his belt. 

He is a fan of both the Pittsburgh Steelers and Fantasy Football (he belongs to 7 teams and growing!) He also enjoys watching other sports from time to time, namely baseball, hockey, golf, racing, and the Olympics. And he enjoys an occasional outdoor skirmish of flag football with his own sons in the family yard. 

He loves vacationing with family, and really enjoys riding bikes at the beach.


 A  Pittsburgh native, Laurel is a cheerful, dynamic, and multi-talented  musician and entrepreneur. Her childhood presented her with many  diverse experiences at an early age, which enabled her to become  acquainted with a wide variety of popular music. She has been playing  music and singing for about as long as anyone can remember, and  appreciates many different music she enjoys performing  nearly all of them!

After majoring in music at Duquesne University, while performing in several successful bands, Laurel was hand-picked to introduce the concept of Karaoke to the Pittsburgh market in the late 1980's--via a highly-attended "reveal" event at a local mall, with hundreds of curious onlookers. Laurel then began hosting as many as 6-7 Karaoke events per week, at times, and thus began directing much of her musical talent toward helping others to develop their own love of singing and performing. She was soon affectionately dubbed the "Karaoke Queen" in several fan circles. 

Before long, her successful Karaoke events opened up a variety of lucrative DJ opportunities as well, and she was soon making a full-time living as one of the area's first ever KJ's, as well as being a DJ. This success also  eventually led her to become the area's premier dealer for Karaoke music and equipment for over 14 years. 

Laurel has a passion for making people happy, whether it be through singing,  DJing, or simply helping others have fun at a DJ or Karaoke event...or even a live game show. Her style is very personal and intimate, and she takes delight in interacting with guests and fans, getting to know them on a first-name basis, learning their favorites, and making every show "theirs". 

 A perfectionist at heart, and well-versed in several languages, Laurel is also adamant about having every name pronounced correctly when making announcements. 

When she has a free moment away from her entertainment business, Laurel enjoys spending time with her family, her close friends, and her two  energetic dogs, plus singing professionally with the local band  Mercedez. She also enjoys writing music, playing piano, designing flowers, and creating computer watching movies and attending concerts...and she is active on the worship team for her church.

Laurel enjoys family vacations at Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach, especially  taking long walks on the beach. She loves new experiences and enjoys out-of-town engagements, plus staying on top of trends in the worlds of music, fashion and event decor.